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Jackie Worthen

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Jackie was born and raised in Utah. At age four her aunt taught her to crochet, and she has been doing it ever since. She regularly crochets baby clothes for her church's Humanitarian Aid Program.

When she was nineteen she added knitting to her list of skills. She began creating ceramics in her thirties and has actively pursued it since.

In 2001, she and her husband, Jim, moved to Overton. She formed a friendship with someone who was taking watercolor classes from Char Lang. Upon her friend’s invitation, she attended a class and found that she enjoyed working with watercolors.

Later, when her husband’s health declined, she turned her attention from her arts & crafts in order to devote more time to him. Since his passing she has begun to recoup and is beginning to paint again. She still enjoys it and hopes to improve her skills.

Jackie says she appreciates the Moapa Valley Art Guild and all it does in promoting local artists, and is proud of the scholarship program. She believes it is a great group of people to work with. Jackie is currently the President of the MVAG.