Moapa Valley Art Guild

PO Box 2249
Overton Nevada 89040
(702) 397-6444


Next Meeting

March 2, at 10 a.m. at OLSHACS.

Spring Art Show

The Spring Art Show will be held at OLSHACS on March 10th and 11thW. Tis event is open to the community. You can text Aimee at 702 480-1302 or call Jackie at 702 379-9072 for more information. Paintings,  drawings, photos, sculptures, woven baskets and jewelry will be accepted. A 15% commission, plus tax, will be deducted from the sale price.

Pomgranate Art Festival Poster Contest

Judging will take place at the April 6th business meeting.

Join the guild to receive members' discounts on workshops, and privileges of exhibiting in various art shows.

Membership Application

Fill out and send to:
Guild Membership
PO Box 2249
Overton NV 89040

Proud Sponsors of:

College Scholarships in the Arts

Click on Scholarships above to see write-ups and photos of past MVAG College Scholarship winners.

Local Fine Art Shows

The Art Guild will be showing at the Lost City Museum in April.

Pomegranate Arts & Crafts Festival

The 2017 Pomegranate Art and Crafts Festival will be held on November 3rd and 4th. Applications will be accepted starting mid-February.

What is the MVAG?
The MVAG is a non-profit organization of artists, craftspeople, and people who support the visual arts, working together for over 50 years.

Our non-profit status is recognized at both the federal and state levels.

Executive Committee

President Jackie Worthen
Vice-President Aimee Potts
Secretary Katie Jordan
Treasurer Debbie Bruse