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Zona Tobler

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Zona is a native of Moapa Valley, and her ancestors were Moapa pioneers. She was raised in “Stringtown”, now Cooper Avenue in Overton, NV. After graduating from Moapa Valley High School, she enrolled at BYU and obtained a Bachelor of Science degree in Nursing. Since then she has worked at hospitals, offices, and taught in the nursing field at the university level.

In 1978, she and her husband moved from Salt Lake City to Boulder City with their three children. In 1990, she took a watercolor class with her youngest son, and since then has taken workshops from various instructors.

She loves to paint with her grandchildren, and has assisted in a Children’s Art Class at the Moapa Valley Art Gallery. Traveling, hiking, and visiting places full of art and history are high on Zona’s list of fun things to do. She has been to the Louvre, Giverny, British Isles, the Tate and National Galleries in England. With three friends she back-packed to and visited nine countries in twenty-one days.

She has been a member of the Moapa Valley Art Guild since 1995 and enjoys her association with its members. The Pomegranate Art Festival and the Christmas Home Tour were her ideas for projects to help the Art Guild.