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Shanalee Simper

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Shanalee Simper was born in St. George, Utah and grew up in Overton, Nevada. As a young child, she loved to make all kinds of crafts for friends and family, but her first love was drawing and painting. Most of her drawings she did as a child were cartoon characters. She loved to take the newspaper and draw any cartoon that she could from the comics section. She enjoyed going to art shows and has fond memories of the art shows that were held in the W. Mack Lyon Middle School Gym., where the paintings and art work on display were from talented artists in the Moapa Valley.

After graduating from Moapa Valley High School, she attended college in Cedar City, Utah and received a degree in Child Development. She lived in Cedar City for 8 years and there met her husband, Scott. They were married in June of 1989. Three years later she moved back to Overton with her husband and newborn daughter, Shelby. They have made Moapa Valley their home for the last 19 years.

Shanalee and Scott have 4 children: Shelby, who attends Northern Arizona University; Kaden, a student at Moapa Valley High School; Brighton, and Sadee, who both attend Grant M. Bowler Elementary School.

In November of 2008, she submitted a drawing to the Art Instruction School in Minneapolis, MN and received a scholarship to enroll. She is learning the basics of art (using the grid technique) and building her own portfolio, which will include seven final projects: lettering, logo development, portrait, figure illustration, commercial illustration, and two free choice drawings. She has earned the “Basic Art Certificate” and the “Blue Ribbon Art Award” for outstanding achievement (earning “A’s” on each of her assignments).

Shanalee’s husband, Scott, a talented photographer and currently Vice President of the Moapa Valley Art Guild, encouraged her to join. In June 2010 she became a member of the MVAG and has loved every minute of it. She says “Spending time with my husband in the Art Guild has been very rewarding.” She loves going to the weekly “Gab-n-Dab” sessions, attending the art workshops that are offered, working on her skills, and associating with the many talented members of the Guild. She loves art and looks forward to many more years of learning and creating!