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Mackenzie Bush

 Makenzie Bush Horse

Makenzie Bush Face

Makenzie Bush Three

Makenzie Bush Four
Makenzie Bush is a Moapa Valley teenager with poise and accomplishments that seem way beyond her years. Her current passions for horses and art had early beginnings. She began riding horses at 2 years old, and in elementary school developed a love for drawing horses as well as riding them.

Her artwork won her two first prizes in the elementary school “Reflections” program. In middle school her equine art work was chosen to be displayed on the school’s “Mustang Dollars” currency. Her friends began noticing her talents and asked her to draw/design the shirts for the freshmen class of 2014.

In high school she began to try to draw (people) faces. At first it seemed difficult and not fun at all! But persistence paid off. She eventually became successful and began to love it. Recently one of her profile sketches won Reserve Champion in her division at the Clark County Fair. She also won Reserved Overall Champion for her mixed media display at the Moapa Valley High School Art Show, and she has been asked to design/draw the cover of the Moapa Valley High School Yearbook for 2012-2013.

Makenzie is in the Honor Society and is a well-rounded and well-grounded person with many interests including volleyball, rodeo, track, and playing piano, guitar, and drums. Now that she has learned to draw more than horses, she is excited to learn new art techniques and experiment with different media. Art continues to be one of her passions. Her family reports that she is often found sitting at the kitchen countertop enthusiastically working on her sketches, as if she can’t get enough of it. As she thinks about the many things she could do with her life, one of her top options is to continue her studies and pursue a degree in Fine Arts.