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Lynn Rigoni

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Lynn Rigoni was born in Glendale, California and spent much of her childhood at the beach. This gave her an early awareness and experience with nature and the out-of-doors. Making her home in Las Vegas, Nevada since 1962 gave her yet another insight into nature, making her aware of the many wonders of the desert southwest. Ghost towns, stage stops and rural areas became a part of life for Lynn as she explored historical areas and documented old buildings. Absorbing these surroundings gives her a unique understanding of the past.

In 1998 Lynn left Las Vegas to move to the rural town of Overton, Nevada. This has given her time to enjoy life in the country.

When her busy schedule permits she finds time to attend classes at UNLV and workshops throughout the U.S. in order to continue developing and expanding her artistic talents. She is a student of life. Each day is an adventure.

Whether in her studio or on location she enjoys working with watercolors, oils and pastels; however, she is always in the pursuit of new challenges in the field of art. Abstract, Collage, and Impressionistic art also find a place in Lynn’s work.

Lynn is a signature member of the Nevada Watercolor Society, Moapa Valley Art Guild, the Catalina Art Association, St. Mary’s Art Center and art associations in several states. She is also a Charter Member of the National Museum of Women in the Arts. Lynn Keeps on the move with commissions, art shows and teaching at St. Mary’s Art Center in Virginia City, Nevada. She also donates her time teaching children and adults in rural areas in the Western states and Mexico

She enjoys the outdoors and captures the beauty of the southwest in her paintings. Her membership in the Catalina Art Association has given her an opportunity to paint colorful seascapes. Lynn also enjoys still life and portraiture