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Jo Tame

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Jo Tame has been a resident of Logandale, Nevada for 10 years. She and her husband retired here from Salt Lake City, Utah. Jo has found a new love for the desert. She has studied the early Indian rock art left by the “Ancient Ones” some eleven hundred years ago.

With unique talent she creates watercolor depictions of the Anasazi people through stunning background. You may also see her rock art honoring the tribal people etched on hand polished gourds. Her style is easily recognized and authentic in replicating the art of those that lived in this red rock area hundreds of years ago.

Jo is also a business owner in Logandale, Nevada. “Design by Jo” specializes in custom matting and framing. Put the creation and presentation together and you have a fine visual product affordable to all. The Southern Nevada desert and its unique beauty has become home. Jo sincerely hopes you enjoy your experience in our little world of patterns texture, awesome sunsets and ever changing visual beauty.