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Catherine Ellerton

Catherine Ellerton Art 1

Catherine Ellerton Art 2

Catherine Ellerton Art 3

Although Catherine is a novice as a visual artist, she has been involved in the arts since she was about 9 years old. She began as a singer in her native Montana and soon traveled to Seattle, Kansas City and Hollywood where she continued her studies and career. Catherine sang in the ensemble with the Los Angeles Opera Co., the Pasadena Opera Company and the Redlands Bowl as well as being a soloist in various churches with orchestras and in recitals.

Moving back to Montana, she became involved with the Bozeman Opera Co. and the Musical Theatre in Butte, Montana. To help “feed her habit” of singing, she worked for many years in the clerical field. Upon retirement, she and her husband became snowbirds and have flown between Montana and Nevada for the past 11 plus years.

Catherine was involved in the musical scene in Overton and recently has begun to transfer that creative energy into writing and the visual arts. “I am trying every venue,” she states, “from acrylics to watercolor to charcoal to drawing. I believe my forte will be in finger painting! But it is a wonderful transition and a great way to spend more time with my sister, Helen Caraveo, who is a professional artist.”