Moapa Valley Art Guild

PO Box 2249
Overton Nevada 89040
(702) 397-6444

Art and Crafts Exhibit & Sale

Artists and crafters from Moapa Valley and all over the region are there to exhibit and sell their creations. Certain standards are observed that make it special: for example, all the fine art and crafts displayed and for sale are hand-made. Many of the items are unique and one-of-a-kind. It is a great opportunity to do some serious gift-shopping as well as early Christmas shopping.


Entertainment is on-going and is all locally supplied. Singers, dancers, fiddlers, an orchestra and other entertainers keep the place lively during both days of the festival, and all the entertainment is free!


Numerous original fine art and craft items, plus great prizes donated by local merchants will be raffled. Tickets are available for only $1.00 each, or 6 for $5.00. All proceeds from the raffle go into the Moapa Valley Art Guild’s Scholarship Fund. Each year several college-bound students receive assistance furthering their studies in the arts with help from one of these scholarships.

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While not native to the American southwest, the pomegranate thrives in our climate. It makes a deliciously refreshing juice, very high in vitamins and anti-oxidants. The fruit makes excellent jams and jellies, but may also be eaten fresh in salads, and incorporated in a number of recipes.

At the Pomegranate Art Festival there will be pomegranates galore! Ripe pomegranates and pomegranate jelly will tempt your palate. Also, note cards, recipe books and works of art continue to carry out the pomegranate theme.


Bordered by fields where cattle, horses, sheep and other livestock graze, Highway 169 provides a look at a part of Nevada unknown to many Nevada residents. The road also provides access to a number of nearby attractions. Located right in Logandale on Hwy. 169 is the Old Logandale School, now a center that caters to the arts and features museum exhibits and information about the early pioneer culture of the Moapa Valley.

Continue on down Hwy. 169 to Overton, and turn off at the south end of town to reach a state archaeological museum, The Lost City Museum, to learn more about the ancient cultures of the area. After spending time at the museum, continue south. The route forces a choice to turn right and visit the Valley of Fire State Park, or follow the Northshore Road through Lake Mead National Recreation Area. Either route encompasses superlative desert scenery along the way.